Trying to submit

Hello… I get to the last step and hit submit, it flashes and then nothing happens…?

…it’s really odd. I’ve submitted before, and these are tiny files so it’s not the file size. I’m stumped.

Hello, can you message me and I can take a look at the files to see what might be blocking them when submitting.

Same issue for me on the derby right now

Not sure if this will help or not, but you may want to check the color profile on your art file if it was saved in PS. Some update in Photoshop changed my color profile from sRGB IEC6199-2.1 to something completely different and would not allow me to submit any kind of .png/.jpg/.gif until I changed it back. Hope that helps :+1:

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Appreciate the tip! Turned out that Woot randomly logged me off in the middle of the submission process. I signed back in and was fine…until I got to my 2nd design preview though, which randomly was a huge file size for a 600x600. Go figure.

Feels like the odds were against me today…but in the end, it’s all subbed.