TSAnta Claus

Um… Santa? Is that a toy fire truck in your pants or do I have to put you on the naughty list?

Hahaha well done Woot! Quite the shirt you’ve stumbled upon. I may have to pick this up… :claps:

I’m so disturbed! Why are the elves molesting Santa?!

I need this shirt. Woot, can you get it to me before my massag… err… flight tomorrow?

Can’t blame those precautions, if you ask me. I’d be suspicious of a Santa with a boring ol’ gray sled too!

When I originally saw the title of this shirt I thought Santa would be doing the pat down.

Boy, am I ever glad I was wrong.

I know that these new security measures were put into place after the Grinch attacks of 12/25, but I feel like if we force Santa to go through this before every sleigh ride, the Grinches have won.

Seems Santa’s getting the full monty from the TSA… perhaps he’ll feel more comfortable if he wears these: [Flying Panties


Then he can go through the scanner. Now he just has to stop hiding the cookies in undesirable places!

Wait a minute-- aren’t the elves on Santa’s payroll? It’s a conspiracy!

uh… what exactly does the elf searching between his legs expect to find?

not to mention, the one up top is totally grabbing Santa’s moob.

Love it! Totally picking one up as soon as the site stops going so slow for me for whatever reason. Shame I really don’t have to go on a flight anywhere this holiday, cause I would totally rock it.

How ho-ho-horrible for poor Santa there!

God, I just head-desked myself for that pun.

I wonder how many checkpoints Old Saint Nick has to go through? One for each continent? One for each country and he’ll be out 'til the Lunar New Year.

First shirt.woot of the day! WOOT!

If I select the “Advance Pat Down” option in stead of the “Full Body Scanner”, do I get some Barry White music and a nice glass of Merlot?

What’s Rudolph’s nose doing on top of the machine?

This is hilarious.

First, I will say I understand the humor, but I know the reality.

And what does a terrorist look like?

How else will the gov’t find the next underwear bomber.

People are so quick to react without thinking about the why.

The TSA does not want to see or feel your junk! It is something that has to be done to make sure the planes are safe.

Which plane do you want to get on? Where everyone is screened or where no one is screened?

Would you board a plane that no one has been screened for explosives?

Hehe political debate on the Woot forum!!!

Do NOT touch Santa’s junk!