Tudor Winery Pinot Noir - 2 Pack

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Tudor Winery Pinot Noir - 2 Pack - $44.99 + $5 shipping

1 * 2005 Tudor Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir, 1 * 2006 Tudor Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

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Tudor Winery Pinot Noir - 2 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2005 Tudor Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir
1 2006 Tudor Anderson Valley Pinot Noir
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Previous offer forum (10/26/09)

Let the (wine) woot-off begin…

Been waiting all day!

Tudor is good stuff - trying to decide between 2 (hedge the bets for more good stuff later) or 3 (assuming that there won’t be many that come up in a wine.woot off)

N for one. About a 12 dollar savings on combined bottle purchase even with shipping. The 05 is delicious!

it’s spreading like an infection

LOL - that is why I went with one instead of two. Can’t get too carried away early. :slight_smile:

For a refresher…the last offering of this one…


will it work on an apple brand computer?


tasting notes anyone?

I’ve bought wine here before… but New Hampshire doesn’t show up here as an allowed state. Has something changed for 2010?


The state list is specific to the winery. I’m another disappointed granite stater… :frowning:

Every wine offering is based on the licenses that winery has. Not all have licenses for every available state.



Seems like a good value

In for 2. $40 each on the Tudor website and at least that much in CT.

Wine woot-off? What have I been missing all this time? I can’t wait to see what is in a bag o’c of wine…broken corks, torn labels? wine? hmmm…

Touring and Tasting gives them great reviews and specifically mentions the '06 Pinot Noir as one ‘to buy’ (at $39.00).

Bummer for us! Thanks for clarifying for me.

I’m in… again. We’ve enjoyed this ourselves and also just served it at a party on Saturday and our guests seemed to enjoy it also.