Tudor Wines Anderson Valley 2006 Pinot Noir - 2 Pack

Tudor Wines Anderson Valley 2006 Pinot Noir - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT: 2 Tudor, 2006 Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley
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Tudor’s Pinot Noirs are excellent! Even his lowest end, Radog, is coming around these days. All of his name brands are great! At $30/bottle this is a no-brainer, if you like Pinot! :slight_smile:

Is it my imagination of have most of the Woot-off wines been black tie buys?

That CT thing…


Snooth has good things to say

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this hasn’t been on for a while. But I do remember a bit of a shit storm the last time we had his second-string Radog wines on woot.
(Which were decent for $15)

You’re saying that for $30 these are good: so are these as good as Rasmussen’s estate PN, Buena Vista, and Saintsbury, which we can mostly get on discount for about this price too?

Anyone have a comparative review?

Will this arrive in time for Thanksgiving? I am in CA, but others may be interested also. . .

My last purchase took more than two weeks to arrive, so I wouldn’t bet on it.

Or not wine, yes I have noticed as well. Sounds like a good one but past my budget, we have been fortunate to have some great pinots for under $20 here recently. Started checking too late this morning and missed that first offering, would of went in for that.

Now if the pattern holds the next offering will be ‘wine related’… hopefully we get in a great deal before the nights out. Any monkey prizes sitting around?


Hey Wooters! Great to be back! Yes, this will be there by Thanksgiving. Drinking beautifully.

Yes, these should arrive in time for Thanksgiving!

My first wine.woot! purchase
And my most expensive bottles of Pinot Noir!

Very excited!

Solid Anderson Valley juice here folks. This is normally sold at the winery for $55 per bottle. Rich, structured, sublime Pinot. Great for the T Day dinner table or a gift for someone special…

I was thinking the same thing. I picked up a couple of bottles of 2006 Buena Vista Pinot Noir Estate Vineyard Series Ramal Vineyard for $25/bottle and they have been VERY good.

Wine Spectator gives this 90 points. Checking my ratings history:

Tudor Anderson Valley: 91

Riverbench 2007: 87 (or corked - it’s a crapshoot)
Rasmussen 1001: 88

Of course, this price is higher than either of the Riverbench or Rasmussen.

Sounds great, in for two :slight_smile:

Hey Dan… Thanks for joining us! Is there anything you can tell us about your vineyard source for this wine, and/or any thoughts you have about the Anderson Valley AVA as a source for Pinot grapes?

I just had a Radog over the weekend too. :slight_smile:

Welcome back to woot! Dan! Glad to see you haven’t been eaten by a kite loving shark. :wink: