Tuesday is gonna be rough


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Wheres the LARP shirt?! :frowning:


was waiting for the LARP shirt :frowning:


Poo, I was kinda hoping the role playing shirt would win.

Oh well, congrats on the win.

Well, I almost went for it but I really don’t need baby blue right now. I was looking forward to seeing the role playing one, too.

Congratulations on the third place finish, hax. I still think the text is questionable with the stop sign rule, but don’t let that taint your victory.

I actually like this shirt, but the blue killed it for me. I wooted the #2 shirt last night. Woot Woot!!!

Cute, but not for me. Thanks woot, for not leading me into temptation tonight.


we are supposed to give constructive criticism, but in this case whats the point? woot doesnt care what rules are followed or even if a shirt looks like it was done by a preschooler.
but hey! congrats on a thousand reasons to lower the standards even more!


grats on 3rd, hax… just not into it though. Sorry.

After I submitted this design, several commenters informed me of designs that also use a disastrous forecast, like these findings from bluchez:

Since I only searched for stuff like “monster forecast”, “godzilla weather”, etc., I missed these. I think my design is significantly different anyway, and doubt it’ll hamper sales of the apocalyptic designs. Of course, you’re free to judge otherwise or not believe me.

Just pointing that out in the interest of being honest and fair. Thanks; I hope you like the shirt.

Sure glad a shirt can win after an old woot submission has the same idea. Time to go browsing for old west ideas from the vaults!!!


Love this shirt, just hope the light blue works for me. Now if the Larping shirt would have been yesterdays I’d of had a trifecta shirt.woot weekend.

Let the naysayers go buy some more bird shirts, since there aren’t enough of them around.

can a guy get away with wearing baby blue? i sold my last baby blue one from woot… but i like this one alot…

Yippeee! In for 3.

Notice lots of early buyers in Arizona… could be the weather forecast looks familiar?

Love it… I was waiting for this to show up, in fer 2!