Tuff Mount TV Mounts & Component Shelves

Does this need to be mounted on a stud, or will it be sturdy enough if it’s just mounted to dry wall? (I’m trying to find a mount that I can use above my fireplace, where there are no studs).

A2026 is $55.83 w/free s&h and Walmart:

Reviews aren’t encouraging.

Too bad, because I’m looking for a mount for my new plasma.

With no studs, you could always try using some quality hollow wall anchors to mount the frame. The sturdiness of the frame means nothing if what’s holding it to the wall is crap.

Anyone have more info on how these glass shelves mount to the wall? I can’t find any other pictures of them.

I would love to know this too. I have a mess under my smart panel with TV and Network cables, routers, et cetera. I think this might work but want to know how it mounts.