Tulip Shaker Set

Aspergillums anyone?

These are so cute! I wish the Woot-Off didn’t always come along when I’m broke. :frowning:

Interesting state breakdown today. Louisiana and New Mexico are known for their love of hot spices, but what’s sparking such elevated interest in Arkansas, Nevada, Wyoming, and… is that really Rhode Island all lit up?

What would you use this for? Any ideas or examples??

I understand salt, black pepper, and paprika, but what’s the yellow “tulip” supposed to hold? Is there some common yellow table spice that I don’t know about? Please help.

As a paprika fanatic, I do appreciate the idea of a set with more than two shakers. But I just really can’t figure out what I would do with the fourth. Curry??

OMG, you can put anything in it; does it have to be a yellow spice?

How about garlic? Or onion salt? I love both of those flavors!

Mustard, Garlic Powder/Salt, not that I want them, I think they’d be another bulky thing on my counter I need to move to clean

It would be awesome if one of the tulips had big enough holes for bacon bits!


In Maryland, we will put Old Bay in one of them.

No, I didn’t think it needed to be yellow, but I do think it should be a common enough table spice to warrant keeping in a shaker. Garlic salt/powder makes sense as a choice, as I can see someone wanting to add that at the table. I also think that intuitively I would want my colors to make sense with the spices they contain, e.g., I would not put black pepper in the white shaker and salt in the red. So salt (white), black pepper (black), paprika (red), and garlic powder (yellow) seems like a natural fit.