Tumi Luggage

Holy christ these cases are expensive.

Tumi = over-priced, made in China, canvass luggage. You are paying for the name, not the product.

Have you ever owned a Tumi product? They’re not canvas, they’re ballistic nylon (and there’s a huge difference).

15+ years ago I got my first Tumi laptop bag. It was going strong when the zipper broke after about 9 years of everyday use. I sent it to Tumi to be repaired (because as noted these things are not cheap). They quoted me a price for the repair but also gave me the option of getting any brand new, ballistic laptop bag for the same price as the repair. That new bag is now about 6 years old and, other than the dust that settles in the seams, looks brand new.

Some of their cheaper lines are pretty ordinary but their top line stuff just doesn’t wear out.

If you travel a lot for work and carry a laptop wherever you go, you can’t go wrong with one of these bags.

Yes, they are expensive. Yes, part of it is for the name but it’s well earned.

It doesn’t seem like you’ve ever owned or used a TUMI product. First, made it China is supposed to be bad? Take a look around you - all the high quality products like your phone, TV, car parts, etc are made in China so there’s a bit of intellectual dishonesty here. Second, canvas? It’s ballistic nylon and a very high quality one. Further, the nylon gets better generation after generation. Today’s nylon is stronger and lighter than before.

I have one of their older laptop bags and it’s easily done over a million miles and could keep going. I have their luggage as well and the same goes for them.

These are expensive, but Tumi luggage and bags last forever and they have PHENOMENAL customer service.
My Tumi suitcase had an issue where the zipper pulled apart. I brought it to the Tumi shop at the local mall and they sent it in to be repaired free of charge. Furthermore, they even had a loaner suitcase for me to use while it was out. For a business traveler like myself who’s living out of my suitcase 75%+ of the time, these bags are worth the price without a doubt.