Tumi Optical

Do these include the lenses themselves? If not, how are you supposed to get the lenses installed?

Wait, where are the 8-bit eyeglasses?

I would recommend a call to your local optometrist to ask if they have the template for the frames you have your eye on.


These come with clear demo lens. You would bring these to an optometrist to have your prescription put into them.


These are the exact glasses I’ve been looking for. Story of my life, they’re sold out. Is there somewhere else I can get them? Back order? Someone else want me to have theirs?
Thank you.

They make decent bags. That doesn’t mean they know squat about eye glass frames. Pass.

The one I wanted the T308 black is sold out. Is there anyway I can get it?

Depends if Luxottica made these for Tumi. Watch this 60 Minutes piece about Luxottica, who dominates everything about glasses.

“Tumi: Best or worst pet name for a tumor ever?”

That was a good hardy laugh!


Luxottica is not the manufacturer for Tumi eyewear.


My Brother-in-law is a sales rep for an optical frame distributer, selling to independent optometrists. He gets us our frames, and when we used Lens Crafters, they charged a “Custom Lens” fee, and we’re with Kaiser now and they do the same. Costco too, we go there for our Sunglasses. It’s somewhere around $80.00, but sense we get the frames at no charge, I’ve never balked at paying the fee. Add $30 to that, and it’s still cheaper than buying frames and lenses from most places…

after the name are three numbers what do those numbers mean?

TUMI T301 SMOKE 51/16/140

51 is the eye size (how wide the single glass piece will be), 16 is bridge size on your nose and 140 is total temple (end to end) size. Hope that helps.