Tumi Optical

A few of these frames seem nice, but then what do you do with them? Don’t we need the ability to put lenses in them? How do we do that without breaking the bank?

Just buying Frames? This is so stupid.

It’s not hugely expensive to take them to your optometrist and have them put in your prescription. I would suggest calling them and pricing it before you buy frames to take in. I feel like- at least the places that I’ve gotten glasses at- the frames have been more expensive than the actual lenses.

agree. my frames have always been more expensive than the lenses. and you can pop out your current lenses and put them into another frame, they are usually standard sizes. so these could be a good deal if you like them

no way any other lens from a different frame will fit these. you would need lenses cut specifically for these frames.

There’s no difference to an eyeglass place if you buy their frames or bring in an outside pair.

is nose pads soft?



are these unisex frames ?