Tumi Polarized Sunglasses

Heads up to Woot staffers - I might be interested in the purple Rialtos, but not at that price. :slight_smile:

At this point, the Sunglasses! sub-Woot! can’t be far off.

Totally agree! Whassup with the $200 non-dissounted price on this pair of Rialtos only?

To Woot Staff,

How come only a few of these have the Tumi engraved on the lens and most others do not ?

There has been talk that those without the engraving have fake lens, please confirm because I will have to request a refund if that’s true.

Another way to verify is to go to the mall and look at a pair of the same model.


You are totally right! Price has been updated to $39.99.



I have spoken with the vendor for some clarification and here is the response

“All lenses for the TUMI sun are polarized most are made by Zeiss. The lenses that are not made by Zeiss, i.e. any of the T___ frames, are not stamped with TUMI due to the fact that it is not a Zeiss lens. It is still polarized lenses, and none of the lenses are fake. TUMI approved all lenses in all the TUMI sunglasses. If the stamp is not showing up on the other styles, it must be that the stamp did not come through in the images. Nothing about these are fake.”

I hope this eases any fears!


Works for me. Thanks for the update.

All the good ones are gone already? Can we stagger the releases so that us West Coasters not interested in waking up at 4 am can get a shot at these? We’ll get more usage out of these anyway 8)

agreed very upset i missed the one pair i really wanted.

I believe I saw these up at 9PM pacific on whatever day it was. The good ones were sold out by the morning.

I just got in the T307’s, they are nice, but whats up with the case? I have no idea how to close it with the glasses inside… lol help!

Why my order placed on May 19, 2014 isn’t shipped yet?

If you still haven’t seen any tracking on your purchase please email into [email]support@woot.com[/email] and inquire. They’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you have about your order.

Ahhhh these are so nice, will they be sold again?

Likely! We have sold these (and similar) a couple times now. Keep checking in on Woot & Accessories.Woot!

Hi how come my tumi sunglass comes without a case? That’s so waired

You’re just now asking?