Tumi Waterproof Zip Jacket - 4 Colors

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Tumi Waterproof Zip Jacket - 4 Colors
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Here are a few reviews from Overstock

[MOD EDIT] This is a slightly different model.

Our buyer let me know that there’s a pretty similar model. Here are the key differences:

Comparable Model: 2U-30547
• No buttons on front to cover zipper, so zipper is exposed
• Stops at waist
• Stand-up collar (less dressy)

Woot Model: 5T-2004PM
• Cover over zipper with buttons
• Goes past waistline
• Foldable collar

Very good looking jackets, perfect for California weather. Trying to decide if I can afford it this month.

One of the Overstock reviews slammed Tumi for not honoring their warranty on a defective jacket. Can anyone confirm/refute this claim? I’m thinking about this, but need more info…
What are some comparable jackets for reference?

It would be nice if Woot! would ever offer anything for larger people…I have a 58" chest and these would never fit me comfortably.

It’s not waterPROOF as the title states if the material is only water RESISTANT. Anyone who has been caught out in a torrential downpour will surely know the difference.

Yeah, I saw that too. Can Woot confirm if it is, in-fact, waterproof as their title would lead me to believe?

Can’t speak for these particular jackets, but I’ve owned two Tumi jackets, and they definitely can make great jackets. Great modern cut on them. Solid construction on the ones I’ve had. If they had these in my size, and if I hadn’t already blown my $$s on a different tumi jacket, I’d have ordered. :slight_smile:

waterproof vs. waterresistant…that’s just semantics. The material is “Water-resistant material.” Even Gore Tex will permeate water at enough pressure.

Trybal Wings: “It would be nice if Woot! would ever offer anything for larger people…I have a 58” chest and these would never fit me comfortably."

It would also be nice if they would occasionally offer these kinds of things in women’s sizes.

I don’t understand why a casual rain jacket would not include a hood.

It really isn’t semantics, if you take a walk in heavy rain you will know the difference at some point. My 12 year old goretex jacket has been through many a blizzard and heavy rain hike and never let any water in whereas my my 6 year old Helly Hanson water resistant jacket is so worthless now that it is being relegated to wind breaker duty on dry days.

I was going to post this same thing. What is the point of a waterproof jacket without a hood? At that point just bring an umbrella and wear whatever you want.

Anyone know if these run large? Small? Just right? I’ve tried 2X jackets that hang loose on me and some that I can’t put my arms forward without the threat of splitting the back. I also tend to wear “Tall” or the sleeves come up to my elbow if I reach for something. Any experience with these?

Asked the buyer and he said he got the terminology from the manufacturer itself so he’s sticking to it being “proof”.

I too would like to know the sizing. I’m firmly between L and XL so it’s pretty important if they run large or small.
thank you!

In laymen’s terms, we believe waterproof
garments shouldn’t leak — even during severe
weather and demanding applications.

In engineering terms, that means we create
GORE-TEX® fabrics to withstand water-entry
pressure of 30 pounds per square inch (psi)
or more. As a frame of reference, a 165-pound
person exerts about 16 psi on his knees when
kneeling and 3 psi when sitting on wet ground.


I have a Tumi jacket I bought at the end of last year that looks pretty much like this one except mine does have a hood concealed in the collar. I’m 6’,217 lbs,38’’ waist and the Large jacket did fit. I could zip it up but it just looked a little snug so I went with the XL. A lot of times I have to go with a XL just to get the sleeves long enough but the Large and the XL both worked for me for the length of my arms. Hope this helps answer your sizing question. If I still had my 32’’ waist and 165 lb weight the large would have been fine :frowning:

Thanks, good to know as I do still have my 32" waiste :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get the jacket. I took a chance and went with Coffee. We’ll see.

I own a similar model that I got off a different deal site in late 2012 and I love it. Mine has the raised collar with a thin hood zipped inside. Probably the same one some other reviewers have mentioned here.

For those wondering about its waterproofedness, I can’t vouch for the exact model currently for sale here, but if it’s anything like mine it’s much closer to water PROOF side of the spectrum than the water resistant.

I wore it hiking once for hours in the rain and it held up wonderfully. My wallet and cell phone in the zippered pockets were kept nice and dry.

Also, this one on woot now says machine washable, whereas mine says “hand wash only”. I’ve washed mine several times in the washing machine though with a hoodie or two on the “hand wash” setting without any problems. I have not thrown it in the dryer however, I’d rather let it hang dry.

Actually, that reminds me of another waterproof story about this thing. I once left a little sansa mp3 player in the outer chest zipper pocket and it came out fine. It sort of had a cold moisture about it, but not a single drop of actual water on it. The thing turned on right away and still works fine.