Tune Cube Foldable Speakers

Crank that bass!


nice font

No Zune attachments?

Uh…Giant Font of doom?

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New Tune Cube Foldable Speakers, for $4.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Tune Cube Foldable Speakers

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Can I be the Pink Ranger?

Big plus for the TimeCube reference :sunglasses:

Holy lord those things are ugly…

L A M E!

does this work with my zune


Always is.


Not with this cheap stuff!!

The summary is a takeoff of the “Time Cube” website, google it, it is hilarious.

OMG That description hurts my eyes! Please, someone buy this crap so we can get on to the next item!

Not even gonna try to read that description… next!

I have one of these in boring black.

It’s ok. The $5 price tag is accurate.