Tune Cube Foldable Speakers

Today’s copy is pure genius!

1Tune Cube Foldable Speakers

$4.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

Color: Blue, Green, Silver, Pink, White

pricing for future reference

do these work with the 60 GB ipod 5th gen, i didn’t see where it said

I like the text

That description is amazing!!!

These little guys are surprisingly loud! Well worth the money to just always have a pair of super portable speakers. They work off an auxiliary jack so you can plug them into anything.

these any good? who has em?

It said these work with any audio source with a 3.5 mm jack.

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My brother bought a pair like these last year. They were very clear and loud. Great sound especially for a small speaker set.

I had these via a Christmas gift years back. They were extremely bulk but from what I can remember they were decent on battery life. Now I got some speakers that use LiON batteries and are a lot slimmer. WAY better deal. I would pass unless you want a cheap gift for a twean. Or someone that goes to the beach or campus alot

iPhone/ iTouch?

I bought one of those from ebay. Not bad for the price, and I was a bit suprised.

I bought a couple of what look like the previous generation of these. Love them!

In for three more…

KEEP THE FONT & PT! I NEED IT :slight_smile:

My vote for best ever description because I was able to read it without additional windows tools.

Does anyone know if it will work if you dock your iphone in this?

Theres no dock. and depending on where the headphone jack is determines on if your iPod/other device sits upright, upside down, sideways, or not even in the holder.

I bought a couple of these from Office Max a year or two ago. They work pretty well for the price, but don’t expect great sound. I never really used them with batteries, I just used the included AC adapter. The speakers just have a cord that plugs into the 3.5 mm headphone jack of an iPod / CD player / mp3 player. If your iPhone can fit a normal pair of headphones, then this should work.

So… what’s the 6th color? I only see 5 listed…