Tune Up Your Ride

Who can tell us about the Bazooka brand?

Don’t know much about Bazooka, but those Tarzan songs just brightened up my morning!

Note that the touch-screen unit appears to be a “head unit” only – that means it will be useless without an additional amplifier.

Also, specs for the receiver are lacking THD measurements. Power ratings are fairly useless (and likely highly inflated) without them.

I bought the in dash CD player last time. Had it installed and found out I can’t turn up the volume past 21 because it won’t power my aftermarket speakers (5 1/4").

Bazooka is awful. They are the bottom of the barrel. And these tubes sound like a fart in a cardboard paper towel roll. If you want an all in one look at the Infinity BassLink. They are better all around.

You still have to run a big power cable to your car battery for the BassLink and I think you have to attach a ground wire somewhere in the trunk like a traditional car amplifier. The appeal of this Bazooka tube is that you only have to hook it to your receiver.

Bazooka is ok. It’s not bottom of the barrel in terms of sound but it’s definitely not high-end. If you are looking to add some bass to your car and are tight on room, I recommend them. Easy to install and for 90% of the people out there, it sounds fine.

Bazooka and Pyle are on par with the lower end Sony stuff and Jensen. It’ll hold up but don’t expect a fantastic end-user experience like with a high-end Alpine or Kenwood.

I’m really disappointed that this Tarzan related song didn’t get posted, as it’s much more appropriate me thinks.

Tarzan Boy

pyle=pile of garbage
bazooka isnt awful but definately nowhere near a sub in a sealed box. bass gets muddy but for most people out there that arent audiophiles, this would be fine

This stuff is the “eMachines” of car audio.

Run! Run far, far away from this junk.

I’ve been doing car audio (with DIY parts like raw home audio drivers) for a decade+, this type of stuff RUINS the car audio experience.