Tuno Cans Variety, 20 Pack

Tuno Cans Variety, 20 Pack

Tuno thanks


Does it include a vegan alternative substitute for that tiny bit of dolphin that may or may not be in a can of regular tuna?

I believe that’s Dolfaux and the answer is “maybe.”


I’m waiting for the Loma Linda red label (vegetarian) FriChik to come to Woot. All the red label stuff in this brand is pretty tasty. I was excited to try this blue label (vegan) tuna replacement at my sister’s- she’s a great cook. We had it prepared for happy hour to serve on crackers, and one bite is all I could take… unusual for me not to like something. I really WANTED to like it. Guess I will stick to my homemade Chuna (chickpea tuna replacement).

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I desperately wish they’d start making these without soy :sob:

Don’t forget to drink your Malk with your tuno sandwich…

Tuno is Italian for Tuna fish, so isn’t this misrepresentation? Italian Tuno is sold, labeled as such, at Costco

You must have read that wrong somewhere. The Eye-talian word for tuna is ‘omlette-du-fromage’.