Tuno Large Can 6-Pack

Tuno Large Can 6-Pack

I’m holding out for the plant based Spam.


Really>? We can’t just enjoy real TUNA? (tu NO) for me. Has anyone not tried tuna from Italy, packed in olive oil? That is the way to go. Good for you, and d e l i c u o u s.

So the fishy smell without the fish murder on your conscience?

And plant based peanut butter cups… Oh, wait… um

Mmmmmmm! Fake food! If vegans looooove wegis so much how come they spend so much time making things that taste (supposedly) like meats? Maybe it’s because we are omnivores, has a cow ever “decided” to be a carnivore?

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Why do you spend so much time judging what other people decide to eat?

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Ok so I’m no vegan, but I’ve been vegetarian for about 6 years for health reasons. My young cousin was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 3 years ago and the ONLY relief she has gotten was from no longer eating meat (animal protein is inflammatory). She takes no drugs, just doesn’t eat meat anymore and she has no more pain. So, some of us will eat Tuno because we can’t eat the real stuff anymore.

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Sardines in olive oil from Portugal or Spain are even better. There’s insignificant mercury, since they aren’t at the top of the food chain like tuna, and they’ve got calcium from the bones. And they taste like good tuna.

So, based on the previous comments it seems no one is really smart enough to see that these are cans of WATER!


Do we not have enough plastic bottles in the environment without adding ‘cans’ to the non-decomposing stream?

Yes, cows do eat flesh:

This product is designed for people who don’t want to eat tuna.
If someone packed something you don’t want to eat in olive oil and shipped it from Italy, would you want to eat it then?