Tuno Seafood Alternative Sampler

Tuno Seafood Alternative Sampler

You almost had me!! Then I noticed it’s not tunA it’s tunO!!!

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Fake tuna makes me uncomfortable. Not sure why, but just no. TuNO!!!


So… is this what japan’s institute of cetacean research does with its catch?

I’m frightened by this product.

Everything on WineWoot today has been a 2-3 hour item with little to no interest.

Notably when I ordered this on Woot last time it showed up packed
In a too-large box with no packing material and about 2/3 of cans were dented.

That said the sriracha is somewhat tasty. I don’t much like the lemon pepper (it’s actually pretty inedible) and the plain is fine and actually tasty w Mayo.

It’s not much like tuna though.

Soy has been shown to mimic estrogen in the body and may cause health problems, especially in men.

so what you’re saying, is that this is the perfect supplement for menopausal women.

This stuff has been on clearance at my grocery store for months for like $1.50 a can.