Turbo Jeeves J22 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Turbo Jeeves J22 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Most of those reviews look suspect. :thinking:

You want a review from a real-live purchaser? You got it.

I ordered the Jeeves J22 on Dec 4, 2019 despite that weird review talking about how nervous the hubby was when his wife inspected the carpets. How weird is that? There’s some weird dynamic going on in that house, right?

It was delivered on the 12th and I let it get all charged fully before I used it. I’ve been using it around my Mr. Whiskers’ litter box because even though I have one of those rubber litter mats he still manages to track the litter.

It’s done a pretty good job and it quiet enough he doesn’t freak out and run when I use it. Last night I used it with the short wand/brush to vacuum the Lincoln. It did well with that also.

The LED headlights are helpful, so I’m going to rate this a handy buy. The dust cup gets cloudy pretty quickly so don’t expect it to look pretty for long. I hung mine with the included hardware next to the dryer.


Great review, buuuut are you the real therealjrn or just someone pretending to be the real therealjrn? :wink: