Turbro Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace


Turbro Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

Is it just me or do these look ridiculous? Who has a fireplace just hanging on their wall?

It is quite common in modern design

Yeah, but that’s built in.

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford to have one built in and/or where they live they can’t build one in and/or they live in a small space

Taping a printout to the wall might have a similar effect.

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In that case instead of having a a wood burning fireplace you might as well to, as they serve no purpose (for the majority of homes) other than wasting energy

and a gas fireplace is no different than this type of thing, just a different type of energy being used

Does anyone know the BTUs that this puts out?

They say it’s a max 1400 Watt heater in the writeup.

About 4800 BTUs/hr… until the wall plug melts. 1400 watts is about 12 amps. A standard US 3-prong plug is 15 amps max. All of those wall plugs in your room are wired together… so that 15 amps is “distributed” to everything plugged into that circuit. TV, alarm clock, computer, etc… all eat into that 15 amp MAX capacity. Using this unit to heat your space is like using a blow dryer to do the same… only (hopefully) quieter.

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