Don’t we stuff and eat the male turkeys though?

Describing how to stuff a female turkey seems a bit adult to me

I love the write up!


This reminds me of another shirt


I see five different kinds of edibleness:

-Hardboiled eggs,
-Chicken nugget
-Cornish hen-size
-Family meal
-Thanksgiving dinner


Okay, which writer is a vegetarian? Because that’s the most perverse write-up ever: I’m glad that I have another two weeks to talk myself into eating turkey.

Congratulations on the print, Wences! I think… :tongue:


^U^ this is sooo funny!


How come nobody ever eats eggs with poultry? People eat cheese on steak all the time.


But which came first, the turkey or the egg?


That’s just what I need, Woot! To be reminded that all delicious creatures were once adorable babies.


Thanksgiving is next week, so less than 2 weeks. Where did this year go?


This is a really cool shirt. Unfortunately, due to Woot! not shipping my halloween shirt until it was too late to wear for halloween, I won’t be ordering this one. With hardly more than a week until Thanksgiving, I just can’t trust that I’ll get it in time. :frowning:


You kidding me? Reading that was appetizing. I’m ready for some turkey, now!


I really don’t know, but I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.


This design looks suspiciously familiar.


Me too, except the tradition has become going out to a resturant to eat on Thanksgiving Day (started last year) despite me offering to take over all cooking duties from the mother in law

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I’m ready for some turkey dinner now! Congrats, Wences!


congrats Wences!!!


Would I get it by Friday if I choose one day shipping? If not, I’m out.


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