Turkish Towels: Dry, Turkey

Can they be bleached? Last time I bought some white towels on woot they said do not bleach.

You should avoid using bleach on fine towels and sheets as it breaks down the coating on the threads and weaken the fibers. There are other ways to whiten these fabrics without bleach such as OxyClean, soaking in laundry soda, and more. Google is your friend here.

Yes! I have been waiting for these Turkish bath sheets to come back. We bought 4 last time and love them!

The beat way to keep white things white is - don’t use them.

If you order these, be sure to pre-wash in warm water with a cup of white or distilled vinegar. It removes any of the chemicals applied during shipping and it helps soften the towels.
Wash & dry them separately for the first few times as they’ll produce a bit of lint.
For extra absorbancy, never use dryer softener sheets when drying the towels. The dryer sheets leave a light film on the fibers which inhibits absorbancy.
700GSM & up is the way to go. I just might have to order a few more bath sheets!

I bought 4 of the herringbone bath sheets last time. They are wonderful. They are huge and heavy, but so soft and just feel amazing. I had to buy a set of the hand towels to go with them. I always buy white towels and sheets, have never had a problem keeping them white. Use some white vinegar in the wash water, that will keep them white and won’t damage them like bleach would.

How absorbent are these towels? I’m trying to avoid buying towels that just smear the water around.