Please for the love of all that is holy… turn off the audio on the advertisements! How am I supposed to secretly shop for stuff on Woot while I’m at work if the Verizon ad blares through my speakers every time I refresh the Woot home page? You are blowing my cover!

I am going to refer you over to this thread where this is currently being discussed. You may be able to help identify which ad may be causing an issue.

Turn off your speakers.

Get headphones.

it’s obviously the tweet from @wootlive in the woot chatter box, since “♫” appears in it.

Do we all hear their post to a different tune?

Thank you Captain Obvious. I’m at work and need to hear audible alerts on my computer. It’s very simple to put a mute button on an ad or by default turn the sound off so those who enjoy hearing the same ad played in a loop can turn it on and rejoice.

I’m sure your coworkers love hearing all your alerts as well.

We should post THAT on the annoying sound thread.

I know everyone in the writer’s room hates hates HATES ads that talk without permission, so we aren’t doing it on purpose. If that helps. As soon as we figure out what’s talking we’ll take it out back with Ol’ Yeller.