Turn Your House Theater Into A Home Theater



Have you ever seen a tv fall off a wall?


Bummer… just picked up one of the Toshiba 46SL417U less than a month ago for $40 more. Oh well… got it in time for the “Harbaugh Bowl”, so I guess it was worth it. After a firmware update it needed which seems to have fixed some auto-brightness flickering, I have no complaints - of course, I have it paired with a theater system and do not use the weak internal speakers.


hows this pioneer reciever?


It’s sold out


I just purchased on of these this weekend locally. It will likely need a firmware update, out of the box. Pandora won’t work without it. It is replacing a 14yr old JVC and I can really tell the difference when I watch a blue ray.


You can buy most of these TVs here brand new for about $75 more at Walmart


I’m interested in the $29 mount. Anyone have any experience with it?

All I really want is a mount for my 37" TV now that I won’t have to change when I get a 60" TV in a couple years.


There should be some simpler household cleaner that can be used for HDTV cleaning/dusting instead of this one. Any advise?


You can use a 50/50 distilled water/isopropyl alcohol mix.