Turns out Carmen was in San Diego



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Congrats, intaglio!


Oregon Trail > Carmen Sandiego…



I stayed up for this and I’m so glad I did! Mine all mine. This shouldn’t make me this happy. But it does.


yeah i dont get it eighter

can someone expalin it to me?

thanks :slight_smile:


PBS’s ‘Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?’

Loved that show in the early '90s! Was it also on NES or SNES?


Am I obligated to buy this if I live in San Diego?


Love it! In for one.


This shirt tells the world: “I may or may not know what the word Slogan means”


I love it, but I’m not sure whether or not I want to buy it. Gah.

I’m going to sleep for a bit, and think about it, and make my decision later.

Great shirt though.


Where in the world is carmen sadiego was the best game ever… Bought one!


Congrats intaglio! My favorite from this derby. Way to go! :slight_smile:


Game, TV show, hell, I think they had their own line of clothing at some point.


Congratulations Intaglio!


I would be all over this shirt if it were Blue or Gold… You know the colors of the San Diego Chargers and I could wear it while tailgating.


Great show, clever shirt


I keep hearing that a capella group in my head… Where in the World… is Carmen San Diego?


GAH, this shirt rocks! Have to be honest I like this one better then the one they had yesterday I bought 1 shirt so far and I was concerned about the size fitting and quality, but it’s made in America, always good and a large fit me perfect at 5’10 bout a 160.

I need More! my closet is full of clothes from the late 80’s!


Whether it’s actually a slogan or not, this shirt makes me giggle. A lot.

A few days ago I didn’t have any cranberry shirts and now I have two!

And the people who don’t get it… are they trying to make the rest of us feel old?? :frowning: