Turntables.. Chicka, Chicka, Yeah

I came to this page looking to replace the PTTCSM70BT that I bought here a few months ago. That has to be the worst purchase I have made on woot, that thing sounds terrible. It has a remote, but volume is not one of the buttons! The CD player itself makes more noise than the sound coming out of the speakers and no longer works after a few plays. The Bluetooth is ok if you stay within 15 feet or so. This Pyle is nothing but a pile.
I guess I need to keep looking as it’s the same crap record players as usual.

You said it, I didn’t.


These will do nothing but harm your records.

OK, calm down everyone! I bought the PVTT2UGR Pyle and I’m reliving my glory days with the scratchy sound of all my old albums. Works like a charm, battery has held a charge forEVER and it looks cool! And I can make my kids MP3s and force them to listen to KISS. It’s all in what you expect and what you’re willing to shell out as to what expectations you should bring to the conversation!

Anyone else noticed they stop using the brand name on the thumbnails? Is that because people will immediately realize who made these?

Stay away from these ceramic cartridge (needles to most people). They usually track at 5g which is well above the 1.5g-3g range a decent turntable & cartridge calls for.
Basically they eat your records by having too much weight on the “needle”.