Turntables: Turn the Tables on ME!

Your model number is wrong on the non-USB Audio Technica. It’s the AT-LP60. There’s no such thing as an ATPL60.

Thanksss- we fixed it.

Any chance for a real table? Or just the cheapies?

Does anyone know how to balance the vintage turntable? It did not come with any instructions and the downloadable instructions do not include any troubleshooting or balancing instructions. When we play a 78, it wobbles and skips, right from the box. Their support email is completely non-responsive.

Do not buy this! http://sellout.woot.com/offers/retro-vintage-bluetooth-turntable-w-speaker-system-4?ref=cnt_wp_11_2

Mine came with the CD changer broken! Even if it did work, it is constructed poorly and is basically a hunk of plastic. A hundred dollars down the drain. If you really want to buy one, I’ll sell you mine for 5 dollars

I almost bought one of the vintage turn tables but read bad reviews/comments about the wobbling caused by a small surface the records sits on, I forget what that round part is called. I also read that a solution for some was to tape a penny to the arm to weigh it down. With that said, I have also read that doing that might or will ruin the record.

Do your research and choose wisely. Hope it helps.

Disappointed. The AT-LP60USB is $5 more on Amazon if you count free Prime shipping and until very recently has been $99 there (quick price hike for Woot “sale”?) since mid-March or so (according to CCC). That’s +$5 for faster shipping and better customer service (ie not of the “just sell it on ebay” variety, of which would certainly lead to lost money on this non-deal).

Amazon sold this for $70-ish as their Gold Box deal a number of years ago, so this deal is a little bit of a slap in the face. I’ve been waiting for a good deal on a turntable (granted this is AT’s entry-level table, but better than most) so perhaps I just need to buy it from Amazon rather than hope Woot won’t try to make a sucker out of me.

You really need a small scale. The exact pressure depends on the cartridge used, find the model number, and look it up.

For example, on my Sure M97xE, it is either .75grams or 1.5 if I am using the brush on it. You then adjust the counter balance until the pressure on the needle is at the rated weight.

Note - most turntables are NOT designed for 78’s. And 78’s do not normally use the same cartridge as 33/45’s.