I’m tempted every time these come up. It seems a little self-defeating to using USB audio with these, though. I know some of them have RCA out, but is it going though all the solid state stuff anyways?

Can I hook the audio technica ATE-ATLP60 turntable up to the Sony HT-CT260HB sound bar that’s on sellout right now?

The analog-to-digital converters in the the USB models are probably not very good. The phono preamps are pretty simple circuits.

Perfect timing for this, since I just discovered a few months back, after attempting to play some new vinyl on my 30+ year old Panasonic turntable, that it decided it didn’t want to work anymore. Was lost in a sea of choices when I started comparison shopping for a replacement, and then I happened across this one, which is VERY similar to what I have now (turntable, am/fm, double cassette), only apparently, this one works. :smiley: And it has some serious digital bells and whistles that didn’t even exist when I bought my old one! AND at $109.99, this beats Amazon ($173.40) as well as what Invisible Hand was able to find for me ($155.99 at Walmart), and I’m guessing that I couldn’t get my old one repaired for less than that either. So giving this a go.

These are all garbage that will trash your records except for the Audio-Technica one which sold out right away.

Well, THIS is a problem. Stereo came in this week, and i just hooked it up and everything that it HAS appears to be working, but I can’t believe that it’s got Aux IN, and L/R Line OUT, but apparently is lacking a L/R Line IN?!? I’ve now got a 5 disc CD changer that has NO place to plug in. Good thing I kept the box, this may not be a keeper after all, if in trying to get a unit with a working turntable I lose my EQ, my tower speakers (although the little speakers don’t sound too bad), AND my 5 disc changer. May be able to MacGyver the old system with the new somehow and use them both.