Last time the Pyle turntables were for sale I got 3 of them for gifts, 2 of the 3 were broken out of the box. Had to pay to send back to Pyle and pay for them to send it back to me.

I wonder what the state of needles and cartridges is? Back in the day, there were cheap needles and ceramic cartridges to hold them, and they did not sound as good as diamond needles and the better (magnetic?) cartridges which required a pre-amp to work, but sounded a LOT better.

Then there is the question of how much weight these tonearms place on the grooves.

If you are an audiophile and/or have rare records, get the right tool for the job!

Just a word of caution for anyone considering one of these: don’t.

These will basically ruin your records. The stylus is like a sharks-tooth and tonearm weight, tracking, and anti-skate puts too much pressure on the grooves. Using this is like using a steak knife.

That said, I sure will be happy when the hipsters finally move on from their current vinyl fad and find something else to “discover.”

Hate to say it but in the car audio industry, Pyle is synonymous with Pyle of S#!T

These tables are good for playing scratchy LPs and 45s. Would not entrust them to play my 180 gram audiophile LPs.

I wouldn’t even use these tables for that.

In for two. . .

. . .and a microphone.

The battery powered ones are good for swapmeets and thrift stores to test records before you buy.

Oh and woot marketing, who ever is photographing the spinning TT with the white protective needle covers on needs to learn how the product works.


    (no matter what the description says)
    Thank you…

But if you do, call the law firm of
Dewey, Cheatum and Howe at
1-(783) 968-7277

Doesn’t anyone remember linear tracking turntables ?