I see one turntable and a bunch of record players.

Not sure where you are getting the $1000 MSRP for a Pyle record player, the PTCD8UB, Pyle’s website lists it at $317.99, and the mothership lists it at $313.99

Booboo. I think they use that as a placeholder until they put in the real list. It’s fixed now.

I have the Audio Technica USB version of the one here - it’s a great turntable for the money.
The pre-amp switch is nice so it will work properly with old and new stereo equipment - if you have a modern receiver like Onyko, etc… you’ll likely not have a phono input, so you can use AUX and switch on the pre-amp on this unit.
Decent cart, can be replaced. My only gripe is that the RCA cable out is hard-wired and it’s pretty short…

Wy anyone would want to subject their vinyl to these pieces of garbage is beyond me.

The Onkyos sold here on the occasion have a dedicated phono input.TX-NR626, I bought one elsewhere specifically for that reason.