Why do you insist in calling these “turntables” when they are basic “Record Players”? The term turntable usually signifies a higher quality that non of these have as well as a need for a separate amplifier/speakers to listen to the sound produced.

I agree with @dadrepus…none of these are what I’d really call a ‘turntable’. I was excited when I saw that you had ‘Turntables’ listed today as I missed out on the last one…sold out before I could get to it.
Hey WOOT!..think you might get a true ‘turntable’ back on here sometime soon? I’d love to get another chance to get one! (See how eager I am to give you my money!)
I’ll hang up now and listen to your answer…

I grabbed the retro-vintage last time, purely for the incredible all-in-oneness of it.

Pros - plays everything but minidiscs and 8-tracks. Bluetooth is easy to set up. Sounds ok. The analogue dial radio works very well, even in my basement.

Cons - remote doesn’t work a lot of the functions, including volume. There isn’t an equalizer, or even a bass - treble adjustment. Sound output is low, but I don’t know if that’s the unit or the speakers.

Verdict - this was the perfect way to get out my parents’ records and my CDs, with the added bonus of Bluetooth internet radio. If I get back into music seriously again, I’ll be upgrading quickly, but otherwise this is a good all-in-one to keep you from having to dig out old shelf systems or boom boxes to play old media.

My experience:

What was your verdict on the record player? I cannot get mine to play the first part of an LP without balancing a half dollar on the stylus head or pressing down on it And then the tone arm will not return auotomatically after the record has played. I could get no help from Pyle. So I have no clue if it is adjustable. They said , YES, the stylus weight is adjustable, but had no idea how to do it. They rushed me off the phone and told me I had to call Amazon even though this item was purchased from Woot. ??? I am awaiting some type of help from Woot. It was my Christmas gift from my Kids. When I get it playing it sounds plenty good enough for me. I was pretty pysyched up about being able to easily copy my LPs to a USB thumb drive easily, but have not tried this feature yet. M problem is I have had a gazillion LPs on my kitchen table and this unit boxed up by my front door awaiting return / exchange instructions. I would appreciate a speedy resolution. If you have a solution for me I would be very grateful to try anything.


This is a terrible record player, and you should not buy it. Reviews are atrocious and it’s cheaply made garbage. Buy a pro-ject or Orbit table and be much happier.

I pity the poor vinyl that has to be subjected to these record players, because of all the vast damage they’ll suffer.

Consider that there is no way to account for tracking or skate, and that the stylus is likely something beyond low-end (and for some of these may even be ceramic).

Get one of these and you’ll basically ruin your records. If you insist on being one of those nitwit hipsters trying to be retro cool with the vinyl, do yourself a favor and invest in a real turntable & preamp. You can get a decent entry-level P-mount table for about $40 - $50 (like a Technics SL -DD33 or so), and a solid preamp (like the TCC TC750) for about $40.

Well, you just ruined that record!

What you may not realize it but you are ruining every record you are playing with that purchase.

Recently found myself in Hot Topic… don’t ask. Saw that they had records and picked up a copy of Depeche Mode’s Violator. 2nd thought, WTF do I play this on… I’ve had a cheap ‘turntable’ before, and I’m not about to destroy this 180 gram beauty. Talked to a few friends and everyone pointed me to uturnaudio.com Now it’s admittedly more than what’s here, but if you’re really interested in playing records again, do it right. I spent time culling classic turntables on ebay and decided on the u turn folks. Just wish they had a bit less of a wait list. plenty of unboxing videos and reviews on the you tubes. search for uturn orbit. For those just getting back into the wax, I hope you enjoy the journey!

Hey I bought one of those Vintage portable turntables [http://electronics.woot.com/offers/bluetooth-classic-vinyl-record-player-turntable-13?ref=cnt_wp_10_9] and have lost the wire that charges it, could anybody give me any insight on what it is called? I need to buy a replacement as soon as possible. It is a USB something cable as far as I am a where of. Thanks

Looks like you need an A to B USB cable. Its the B part that goes into the turntable.

Try http://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-USB-2-0-Cable--Male/dp/B001TH7GUA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427520563&sr=8-1&keywords=usb+a+to+b