Turtle Beach Blanket Bingo


I ordered a replacement mic boom and a chat puck from Turtle Beach. The one they show on their website is WAY different than the cable included with my headset. I have a feeling it’s a problem with the headset itself, not the chat system, because other headsets I own work just fine for chat. And the issue isn’t that chat drops in and out, the mic doesn’t pick up any sound AT ALL.

But, hey, that’s what buying refurb stuff is all about, right? Cheapo prices for second hand equipment. I’m hoping the chat puck is the only thing that was missing.


Could someone please help me out? I have a gaming headset meant for XBox360, but I can’t seem to get them to work without using the component video cable. If I want to use HDMI out from my Xbox to my TV, how do I hook up a gaming headset as well?


You either
a) have a faulty pair
b) have it setup wrong
c) have it too close to other devices

Call them on this.

here is a direct download for setup


go here for setup instructions… as you didn’t list your model number you will need to search for it



The earforce charlies are junk. Mine managed to break in 2 ways less than 30 days of ownership. The cable going into the amp and a short, and the sound would crackle and scratch every time I moved. After that the left ear speaker litterly tore away from its plastic mounting with no more effort than taking them off my head. These head phones are made out of such shoddy plastic that the creak with every move.


I have the PX5, wireless surround with bluetooth. I like them! you can adjust the chat and game volume independently, and you can even customize the gameplay audio settings. Definately a step up from my Soundbar. Plus, the old lady isn’t yelling at me to turn down the volume anymore