Turtle Beach Ear Force X31 Wireless Headset for Xbox 360

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Turtle Beach Ear Force X31 Wireless Headset for Xbox 360
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Will this work on a PC?

Cozy earmuffs to go along with your Monkey snuggie!!

You have no idea how close I just came to clicking the gold button. Alas, for Xbox and not PC.

Less XBox 360, more PS3. Thanks.

Excellent for playing on your Xbox, or pretending to be an air traffic controller.

Almost same model (X41) November 7 for $79.99 if you want to compare comments to the $49.99 X31 today:


Will this work for PS3 as well?

My son has these for his Xbox and loves them. Turtle Beach is a great product. With these he can hear people coming from all directions in the game.

I would imagine you would need some sort of splitter that would divide the 1.8 mm jack into a 3.5 mm jack/headphone jack… I dont even know if this exists…

The only way i could see this being possible is if you’re gaming with a Xbox 360 PC controller…

If I remember correctly from the last time this was Woot!ed, a commenter said that this can work with PC but you needs some modifications for it.

But I’m probably wrong.

Hey ese, I’m pretty sure you need some adapters to make it work, and it proves to be more trouble than it’s worth. You probably also need some software shenanigans to go along with it.
I’m basing this assessment on the last pair of Xbox headphones I saw on Woot! not my own knowledge, so I could be wrong.

This looks like it would be all the rage with air traffic controllers.

Hereis a guide on how to use xbox360 headsets on ps3.

It looks like way too much work for me though

To hear the sound,all you need is a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable. I use the cable that was originally from my desktop to my speakers when I want the sound on my head.
If you meant using the mic… That’s another story. But I have a workaround for that as well. :slight_smile:

These are pretty good headphones. I’ve had a set of these over a year. Love 'em.

According to Turtle Beach’s website, the chat will work with an adapter, but not the actual game sounds.

But will it work on a mac?

They have a video on their Youtube that shows the cable needed to connect to PS3/PC

Turtle Beach says you’ll need an adapter to make this thing work with PS3; what an amazing coincidence, that they just happen to sell one!