Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 Wireless Headset for Xbox 360

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Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 Wireless Headset for Xbox 360
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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How do these stack up to the Tritton AX Pros that I just bought less than a week ago? This sort of thing ALWAYS happens to me…

I don’t know about a refurb of this, but Turtle Beach (easily) makes the the best headsets for the 360.

You’d think the cheap plastic one you get with the system or with a chatpad is fine. I don’t know about you, but I’ve gone through 4 of those already. It’s the only reason I decided to shell out the cash for one of these and I’ve never looked back.

Pretty good deal, too.

Official Turtle Beach product page.

They offered it re-certified for $129.

I have the x31s and I’ve been looking to upgrade based on the (possible) improvement in sound quality with the x41s. Anyone else out there in my shoes? Any useful comparisons between the two?

I was just looking at these an hour ago at Amazon. Woot’s price is a steal and I hear these are amazing. In for 1

Is this usable on anything else besides the XBOX? One might think it could be used on a PC or Mac… Not seeing any findings on the web just yet…


4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

$139.99 New

For the love of god, if you’re connecting your xbox wirelessly then keep the base station as far away from the xbox as you can. That thing just murders wireless signals.

Not that its helpful because I dont have these particular pairs but I have wired Triton and wired Turtle beach headsets that I picked up on clearance at a local store for only $10 each (repackages)

Ones the earforce X11, the other AX180, both at the same pricepoint originally and the Tritons completely suck compared to the earforce. The earforces and much more comfortable, have better features, and sound better. Like I said, cant speak for this model but in my experience, Turtle beach headphones are better than Triton.

I got the Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 Headset for Xbox 360


The sound quality is excellent, but the wireless is susceptible to a lot of interference from any nearby wireless routers. My Linksys is about 10ft away and I had to move it to keep the sound from buzzing.

Seems like the review on Amazon suggests that it is compatible with a PC. I may be reading it wrong, but here it is quoted:

“One notable change to the X41s is the new talkback cable that is now free of the puck. This new cable is simply 2 standard mic connections with volume control and mic mute on a little box in the middle of the wire. This cable uses heavier wire than the old X4 cable, and seems like it will resist the rigors of use more efficiently. In addition, because they did away with the puck the X41s are now compatible with any headset connection. This means with the right USB adapter and cables the X41 voice chat can be used with a PS3 or PC as well as the Xbox 360. This is really a pretty awesome addition, and one that is not touted on the box.”

Use the Amazon link above to read the entire review (very thorough).

I read that the headsets are cross compatible with the PC too because the wired version is USB and can work on all. You should have the ability to run this through any source that has an audio out input (PC, TV, PS3 etc)

Jordan Roselle has an incredibly thorough (and positive) review of these on Amazon with several comparisons:


If I had the cash I’d definitely be picking these up.

Just curious how these things connect to the Xbox360? Also wondering if sound still comes out of the television while wearing these?

I have had these for the last two years. I love them! I originally purchased the x31 and returned them for these. The sound is more immersive, definitely worth the upgrade. I bought these for $200 and I was happy. The only complaint I have is that I occasionally get a “pop” here and there when the base is next to a wireless router. For this price it’s a no-brainer. I’m sure they are just making room for the upgraded model. I just bought another pair for my 63 year-old dad who needs every advantage he can get. Don’t think, do it!

I had my pair for about a year and a half, and they were definitely the best purchase I’ve made headset-wise. They sound amazing, they’re wireless, and the mic works wonders. Most reviews will say all of that, so I’ll go into my couple complaints.

Once the little fuzzy ball for the mic comes off, which it will at some point, you’ll be throwing your couch cushions everyday looking for it, cause it will never stay on. And boy oh boy, the remote is far easier to find that a small gray puff ball.

Additionally, if you get these, make sure you have a surge protector. I don’t know how much the transmitter costs, but it was a sad day when my power went out, and everything but my transmitter came back on half an hour later.

Overall, the plusses definitely outweigh the negatives. This is a wonderful headset, and chances are, you won’t hear otherwise. Just wanted to give fair warning about the mic/surge protector issues. Get them! They’re awesome!

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