Turtle Beach Gaming Headset

I’m not really up on the whole gaming thing, but my son has a sony playstation 3 and uses my bluetooth headset. Does anyone know if this headset will work on the PS3? I’d like to get my bluetooth back. I realize this isn’t wireless, but it looks like a great quality item, and wireless isn’t a big deal.

Looks like a LOT of wires to me… I cannot vouch for this model. However I bought the wireless x41 almost a year ago and it may be one of my best decisions yet. I did however also pay much more cheddar cheese for my wireless capability.

The microphone wouldn’t as it uses a cable that plugs into the 360 controller to transmit the voice. The audio will since it just uses the outputs on your TV. To be honest, I’d find a different solution.

Picked up a set last time they were sold on sellout for 59.99 (apparently they didn’t sell out), which was a fantastic deal. At 39.99, don’t hesitate to purchase these! This headset sounds amazing! The quality of sound is stellar, and the difference between surround and no surround is very noticeable. It truly feels like the sound is coming from all directions and from much further away than right up next to your ears. On top of that, they are very comfortable.

Like many other reviewers have said in the past, there are a ton of cables and set up is a little difficult (even for someone that is pretty technically oriented who knows their way around gadgets). I use these on my laptop connected to an Asus Xonar U3, which is a USB sound card that supports Dolby Digital Live–a must for enjoying games with digital audio in 5.1 surround.

I bought one last time it came around… Very useful for gaming late. The cord is miles long so wireless isn’t really an issue. It comes with several different wire set-ups. I’m currently using the optical audio cable for my xbox. I’m not sure what the ps3 has but I’m sure one of the cables will work for it.
Oh for Voice chat… right you need the x12 for that.

I have the x11 and the x41 and i prefer the older style of earpieces my older x11 has. My x41 seems to always run out of batteries no matter what type i use probably because i used it turned way up.

here is the link for the dx11 http://www.turtlebeach.com/products/legacy-products/ear-force-dx11.aspx

here is the link for the PS3 headsets http://www.turtlebeach.com/products/ps3-gaming-headsets.aspx

is it possible to use the headphone/dss with a notebook though 3.5mm headphone jack (instead of optical or USB)? essentially I want to use this as an amplifier/sound card to improve/increase the sound coming from regular headphone jack.

Yes, you would need to use a male-to-male 3.5mm headphone cable. The DSS box has a 3.5mm analog-in port, but it still needs power from a USB port on your laptop though.

I JUST bought this on newegg (also refurb) for $69. SH*T! it’s MUCH cheaper here. (for about $5 more you can get the wireless set but no DSS amp included) This thing Rocks!!! buy it, seriously, wires and all, you will not regret! the sound is great, the mic is super clear, it is USB powered, works w pc, mac or xbox. the set is very comfy and light. the DSS box is awesome if you get that, but not required. i went with the wired version, because people always have noise issues, etc. with wireless sets and I didn’t want to deal with batteries. the cord is super long (for xboxing) but comes with its own velcro tie to keep it wrapped short. this set is really nice and well worth the cash, and definitely worth getting even just as a spare set. the 7.1 surround is ‘virtual’ but its really good. completely worth it.

For the headset you don’t need the optical but to use the DSS amplifer you do (so you’d need to buy the adapter for it). The headset has to have the usb to power it, in addition to the mic and sound out jacks, so that just plugs into any usb port on your laptop. it comes with the standard little headphone and mic jacks that are stock on all pcs/laptops for sound in/mic out.

you don’t use all the wires. there’s one set for pc/mac, and a different set for xbox, and then another set to use with the DSS amplifier. the DSS out to the pc is an optical port or you can buy an adaptor (or use the headphones without the DSS amp if you don’t have an optical port.)

I have never been the first sucker to buy before. Do I get a prize?

These are very good headphones for the 360, and the price can’t be beat.

I bought these at bestbuy for $40. They arent that good. the sound is tinny. The plastic is cheap and easily breaks. Look up Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 on bestbuy and buy those. Much better sound and durability

[MOD: I’m betting they didn’t have the DSS add-on.]

I have a set of these on a gaming PC and they work well. The DSS box is optional to use and accepts either digital optical or 3.5mm analogue in. The mic is a straight 3.5mm out and does not go through the DSS box in anycase.

I believe I paid about $70 when these were on Woot before during a Wootoff, not Sellout. Damn it. They work great on my Xbox 360. You can really hear in all directions, like when an enemy is approaching from the side or rear on CoD MW3. Setup is easy. I believe the new ones were going for more than twice the amount I paid before, so I thought it was a good deal then. Now, holy sh*t! I’ll have to buy another one at this price!

Hope most of the previous person’s earwax and sweat is wiped off of these before they arrive!..

So to use this with a pc, and get the surroundsound 7.1, you need an optical port on your computer and a usb? Or does usb alone do it? I have an S/PDIF port (which i think differs from TOSLINK?) and I’m not sure it’ll do the trick…

Thanks for your help!