Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

Just so everyone knows, you can easily make these XBOX 360 headsets work with the XBOX ONE!! http://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-Turtle-Beach-Headset-on-XBOX-ONE/

I recently tried the PX5s. My notes:

Audio was true and accurate, maybe slightly bright.
Sound was very focused, I could tell right where the driver was with little to no fill.
Audio would cut for a few hundred milliseconds every 5 minutes with a slight clip as it went out. Immediately would recover.
Optical connection worked cleanly outside of the above.
RCA connection had a constant static noise when connected, PS3 was the source and known to be good.
I was having reception issues on a 15’ unobstructed throw in my living room.
They were stylish looking, but felt plastic-y to hold.
They were comfortable. I have a large (7 3/4") head.

Woot did not offer an exchange when I returned them.

I know the XP400 and X-Ray are intended for use with consoles, but anybody know if they’re usable/can be made usable with PC?

I just want a dual band wireless headset >_<

You can make them work with a PC if done correctly.

The wireless station has either a headphone jack input to audio right/left (stereo) or an optical audio in. Both the Headphone Jack and Optical are for the audio of the game/movie (what ever is on the screen).

For chat on the PC you have to use a bluetooth connection. For myself, I had to buy a usb bluetooth adapter. After you get the headset paired, (not super straight forward. Think of the headset and the bluetooth portion as separate parts of the whole and it’ll make a little more sense when pairing) you need to make sure the bluetooth device is set as your primary communications device under recording devices. Sometimes after setting it to your default recording/communications device you still have to select the bluetooth headset as the communication device within the application that you are using (game, chat, recording program, etc).

After you get everything set up (I’ve only done it for my pc) the audio comes in great if using Optical (haven’t used the headphone jack) but I have two complaints.

The bluetooth on a PC sounds only okay. When compared to a high quality mic, the bluetooth audio doesn’t stand a chance. The mic sometimes makes a popping noise when you are talking or when nothing is happening at all.

As for the Headset itself, I purchased it because I wanted the convenience of a high quality Wireless gaming headset. Due to my neighbor’s wireless internet, the audio quality can sometimes cut out/degrade. This can happen because the Headset and wireless broadcaster both run off of a 2.4 ghz wireless signal (along with quite a few other products).

The long made short, it’s definitely a great choice for either 360 or PS3. For PC, there are better options but not near this price point.

Thanks for the in-depth response! The ones I’m interested in here on Woot are the dual band ones, so hopefully there wouldn’t be as many interference issues. I think I’ll pull the trigger on it - worst case scenario, it’ll make a nice birthday present for my little cousin who still uses his 360. xD

Can the DXL1 with DSS2 be used on a PC? Watching television/movies/etc? Or is it only compatible with Xbox?

I figure I wouldn’t get the ‘surround sound’ effect with the headphone jack on the PC, but maybe it would work with the digital optical signal from my TV’s AVR?

I have the PX3 and use it primarily for skype and BF4 on PC. It works really well, I haven’t noticed any distortion or clipping at all. However, the auto-shutoff after 5 minutes without input is not an option. It can’t be turned off. It’s also pretty annoying because after a minute or so without input it starts beeping to let you know it’s about to shut off. So there have been several times I have been strongly tempted to slam them against a wall after a bad gaming session while I am browsing youtube for something to listen to and it starts beeping at me.