Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

Will the bluetooth headphones (e.g., Ear Force XP500) work on a bluetooth enabled laptop? I have linked other bluetooth devices to a laptop, but it’s curious the specs imply only Xbox and PS3 game consoles.


I have reviewed hardware for Logitech, NZXT, and Plantronics over the last 8 years, so my comments here are professional and with experience. I know its not part of this sale but I recently bought two pair of the CoD: MW3 Ear Force Charlie 5.1 Surround headsets. I bought one set for my 15 yo and one for me. He has been using his since Christmas, and its already broke in 2 places. Thank God for epoxy…Mine I have been only using for about 2 weeks, and I have to admit that the sound is seriously crappy. I have a pair of brookstone noise cancelling headphones that sound 10 times better. The sound quality produced resembles Oscar the Grouch having surround in his garbage can. I have tried several adjustments but the sound I was hoping for just isnt there. So with that said…sure I didn’t pay full price, these were refurbished @ $35 each, but I feel cheated. Nothing beats good external surround speakers. Even listening to regular mp3s was disappointing. Swing! Miss! No more Turtle Beach for me!

I would have to say that it’s a YES. After reading the specs from the manufacturer website (listed below) I think you are good to go. I would love to try a wireless pair of surround sound headphones, but unless Turtle Beach is going to send me one to test for free, my money they will never see…

I own a pair of the PX5’s and I connect my bluetooth to my computer. Can’t see why it is different here