Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

I bought the ‘refurbished’ Turtle Beach PX5 from Woot about 9 months ago. It is the best headset that I have owned. Mainly use it for xbox 360 gaming and listening to television at night when the baby is sleeping. The surround sound is amazing. It looked brand new and I will buy a second headset down the road.

I got a refurbished Ear Force DX11 in the sale about 9 months ago. It fell apart last month. The sound is good, but the headsets are made from cheap, cheap plastic. My pair cracked in a dozen places over the course of a week or two, and finally one of the ear cups fell off, lost sound, and now it’s trash. This apparently isn’t too uncommon; I’ve seen a lot of stories of Turtle Beach headsets disintegrating in the 6 month-1 year range.

Which one of these is the best option for a PC gamer? Looking at the reviews on Amazon, they all seem to work for PC, but each has pros and cons. With hundreds of reviews online, it’s difficult to sort through all of them!

I bought the Turtle Beach TBS-4135-01 Call of Duty head set for my pc. Overall I like the headset I have had it roughly 2 months now. The headset is usb powered, the mic and headset both have their own volume control that is inline on the audio cable. They are comfortable and I can wear for a good period of time. The way the pads fit around your ear and listening to music or other stuff it can be on the harder side to hear someone speaking to you. Overall I would recommend them, even my wife really hasn’t complained about them.

I had the X42 wireless headphones (very similar) and liked them a lot. If you have an Xbox 360E, you’ll need to purchase a digital converter since the 360E doesn’t have an optical output. Turtle Beach sells them for about $40. Just an FYI.

Someone knows if it’s PS4 compatible? and if it worth more than Sony headset?

Thanks for the replies!

Turtle Beach headsets rock, but don’t try them with the Xbox One there is no decent headset option for the Xbox One yet. The ones that say they are Xbox One compatible do so because you use the kinect for actual chat. Additionally no mic monitoring (being able to hear yourself) and unless you are plugging directly into the optical out you are not even getting simulated surround sound.