Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

Back to tempt me again, eh? My head says yes to either the XP510 or XP400, but my fear of the Minister of Finance says NO! :frowning:

does it work with labtop?

I got a pair of the XP400’s a couple sales ago and am mostly satisfied. They are a big let down in the BT department. While they say (and do) pair with phones it’s ONLY for phone calls. They DO NOT steam music from phone to headset via BT. (Or maybe my phone just didn’t like it, who knows) Other than that and a minor nitpick that the charging cable is Mini USB instead of Micro (like everything else these days) they are pretty nice.

Sound quality is good with default settings and there are a gajillion different sound settings you can play with to suit your preference as well.

Mic is removable which to me is a great plus.

Yes, I’m pretty sure they will work with a “labtop” whatever that is… :wink:

My “Minister of Finance” knows better than to object to my discretionary spending… Else I buy TWO to spite… Actually I did buy two during the sale… One for work and one for home. :wink:

Oh, I just remembered one more major con on these: The range is pitiful. Don’t buy into the “wi-fi” gimmick. I can’t get more than a few feet from the transmitter before they cut off… One of the original reasons I wanted to buy these was so I could have my “labtop” playing music from a central location and stream to the headphones while I do chores or projects around the house… I got hornswoggled in that regard.

Very helpful feedback. I was debating a pair to use at the office with my smartphone and for music when I’m not on a call. If I can’t walk 20 steps with these to refill my coffee cup, I’ll pass.

In fairness I guess I should share my work around for the phone streaming issue. You CAN plug the transmitter into any hot USB plug and then use a standard stereo patch cable to attach the transmitter to the phone’s headphone jack. You’ll get music that way but range is still an issue. I’d say as long as you are within line-of-sight of the transmitter it should work.

There are better options out there. shrug YMMV :slight_smile:

Everytime I see a Turtle Beach headset - I feel the need to give my $0.02

Turtle Beach might be the absolute worst quality headset I have every have encountered. I bought a pair of Ear Force PX3 about 2 years ago from Best Buy (PS3 and PC gamer). For some unknown reason- I opted for the $15 Best Buy add-on insurance (They replace the item free of charge if anything happens). I came back 3 months later, and to Best Buy’s surprise, took advantage on the insurance. The headphone was literally detaching from the headset, making it impossible to wear. I felt I had made a smart investment on the $15 insurance.

I came back another two (2) times within the next 8-10 months to get a brand new Turtle Beach PX3 for a broken headphone. The third time I came in; Best Buy said I would need to repurchase my $15 insurance. At that point- I decided it was time to depart from the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result) and research another brand.

If you’re looking for a durable and QUALITY headset - I implore you to do your research as I did. I found ASTRO headsets to fit my needs.

But again- I come here to only say BUYER BEWARE of any Turtle Beach product. You have been warned.

I have to chime in here. I agree 100% with you on the Best Buy extra warranty. Way back when, I had a pair of P21’s that served well for about a year before the left earcup went out. Next up was the Astro A30. These are great and they still work flawlessly but they hurt my ear after wearing them for a while. I wanted something wireless so I then moved on to the PX5 which performed very well for over two years (My sister and cousin both had PX3’s that failed within six months!). Enter the Astro A50…my favorite headset to date! I passed my PX5’s on after I determined I was completely happy with My A50’s. That is until the volume wheel started to not work. I had them for less than two years and after a lengthy back & forth with Astro…their final answer is: We can’t fix yours and they are out of the 1 year warranty, buy another pair. Wow, no thanks! I cannot tell you how much I wished I had bought the extra warranty from Best Buy! I won’t make that mistake again!

I love my A50s as well. Bought them used from a friend of mine. Have had them going on 2 years and no volume wheel problems Knock on wood

Yes, best headset I’ve had the pleasure of using. I’m interested in the upcoming Elites from Turtle Beach too.

I just got the XP400 I ordered form the last sale. It’s wireless through bluetooth so I didn’t expect good quality sound, but the sound quality is a loooooot worse than I had hoped. I’ve never owned a wireless headset before so I don’t know if it’s just supposed to be like this…

Does anyone else have any input?

Not liking the use of AA batteries with the PX5 headset, I bought these when they first were released in stores. I wanted the rechargeable battery that these have. While I didn’t have an issue with chat, the game sounds were less than desirable. I ended up returning them a couple of days later and stuck with the PX5.

Is it your chat, game sounds or both that are bad? Only your chat is using Bluetooth. The other sounds come from the base station which runs on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It should not be happening due to the dual bands, but maybe interference? You could try moving the base away form other devices.

My issue was more of the dislike I had with the flat sound it had. I didn’t experience any crackling, popping or dropping out of audio. It really shouldn’t sound bad, maybe the headset is messed up if the sound is really terrible.

Here’s a page about this headset you may like to read. http://www.eargamers.com/gaming-headsets-for-xbox-360/ear-force-xp400-wireless/

Buyer beware… I bought a set of the x42’s, figuring “hey, wireless headphones would be nice” aren’t PC compatible.

The website says they “can work” but I’ve yet to be able to figure out HOW, as the instructions are pretty simple…and yet no audio is coming through the headphones.

This should have been outlined in black and white on the product page, woot, as this is a form of insanity I’ve never heard of before.

This is the most disappointing woot purchase I’ve had as yet.

Sorry you’re not getting any sound from that headset. Have you been in touch with woot CS yet? If not, please send them your order info and situation at support@woot.com.

This says it works with the XBox one however does not say that I need to buy the Headset Adapter?

Talking about:
Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 Premium Wireless Dolby Digital Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, Mobile Gaming Devices

In the box lists:

Xbox One Audio Adapter

Am I missing something?

I don’t see that list under the specs tab

In the box:

Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 Premium Wireless Dolby Digital Gaming Headset

RF Transmitter
XBA Bluetooth Adapter
Mobile Device Cable
USB Headset Charging Cable
Digtial Optical Cable
USB Transmitter Power Cable
USB Data Cable

Ah, sorry. I looked at the one next to it. Lemme check.

Has anyone tried the xp510 with a PS4? It is a pretty decent price considering the lowest I found was $200. Keep going back and forth whether the xp510 vs the px4 for a PS4.

I’m pretty sure that you have to buy the adapter separate. I think they are around $30