Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

Thank you. I gave up and got the one that comes with the adapter. I would have liked the wireless but not knowing and not understanding how it would fit i’m better with the wire.
Thanks everyone who helped.

Just received the DX12’s - unless I am missing something, they don’t work without an optical input on your PC, something I don’t have, which means i’ll have to shell out another $25 if I want to actually use the headset.

If I don’t use the “DSS2” that comes with it and plug directly into my pc, i get a sound - but it’s like a wisper, and apparently I can’t control the volume without the DSS2.


Sidenote - the length of the cords for the headset alone is insane, I have no idea why I’d ever need to walk around the block with my headphones plugged in, but they seem to give you enough to do it. It’s a mess.

Just got my XP510. I LOVE it.

The sound quality is fantastic. I love being able to hear sounds coming from behind me in games, and I’m catching all the little sfx I missed by going through my TV’s audio.

Time to test it on a movie!

I just bought the DX12’s a couple weeks ago for close to $20 more. D: Is there any way I can get a price adjustment??

Sorry about that but we do not price match. As inventory ages, we will sometimes lower the price.

I agree that these are not compatible with Xbox one without a separate adapter. It is not properly described.