Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

This product lies, it doesn’t work with xbox one, which was one of the main reasons I got it.

Which product? There’s several headphones as part of the deal.

I believe you’re talking about the XP510. Per the Turtle Beach site, it requires Microsoft’s Xbox One headset adapter.

I’ll see about getting that note added to the sale.

do all these head sets work with PC’s? I note on some it says either PS4 or Xbox or both, but none mention PC.

I’m going to guess that since these have optical in and are compatible with DD, you’d need a card in your PC that can do Dolby Digital Live (not just dolby digital passthrough) if you want to take advantage of it for gaming.

The DX12 works with PC and Xbox 360. I don’t think the other ones listed are meant for the PC. I have tested both the analog audio and digital TOSLINK and both work, but of course the digital sounds better. Xbox 360 has digital TOSLINK on the back, so the DD works with Xbox also.

“Turtle Beach DX12 Wired Dolby Surround Sound Headset for PC & Xbox 360”

Does anyone own a pair of these and can speak to the quality. I’ve been looking for an inexpensive headphone set for my PS3. I would prefer to get a wireless pair but can’t afford them. With a 16 ft cord, these would work in a pinch.

I ordered the Turtle Beach DX12 Wired Dolby Surround Sound Headset last time event happened and it was missing the
DSS2 Surround Sound Processor :confused:

That was a mistake. Make sure you use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I have a PS4, and am debating between the PX4 and the XP510…

So I waited a week to get my XP510 and when it gets here it’s missing the entire foam piece off the inside of one of the ear pieces. So I send in a request to get it replaced and they reply saying they don’t have any replacements…how can they NOT have replacements when they are STILL selling these for another 6 days?? So he offers me a $10 refund…which does me no good since I still am unable to use them, or an RMA which means I need to just order them AGAIN and wait yet ANOTHER week for it to arrive. This is kinda BS if you ask me. I have been buying stuff off here for years now and I can understand if it was a one day offer but they’re STILL selling them…

I got the PX11s with the last sale. It works great on my PS4. Haven’t tried any other consoles. It plugs into the USB port on the front of my PS4. I like the built in volume control as well as mute functionality. I’ve had many good hours playing Destiny with it.

the PX510 works great with the last gen system’s ps3\360. It works with the new gen ps4\One but the chat is not wireless you need to connect to the controller in both cases, for the Xbox one you will also need a $30 adapter to use the chat.

DON’T GET IT FOR YOUR PC! I made this mistake, unless your system has Dolby Live at BEST you will only get basic 2 channel sound. if your like me and you’re system only support’s DTS (nativity) all you will get is mono sound. and to boot if you want to use the mic for your PC you need to get a Bluetooth adapter for your PC (unless of course your system already has it)

Well that’s disappointing cause I was going to buy the exact same one.I totally agree with your frustration and would like to know if that was just a bad mistake. Missing foam that’s just silly having earpiece with no foam.Could a staff member on here clarify the mistake or could this happen again on refurbished Turtle beach X510 .Help please would appreciate

So, all the XP510 drama, I think I will order the PX4. I have a friend who has a PX3 and says it rocks, and the PX4 is one number better, right? lol

i got the xp510 and it seems to work fine. not missing any pieces. i had to do a firmware upgrade to get the ps4 functionality to work. otherwise its a good headset. i previously have the px51 and i would get static from time to time. played one 4 hr session so far, with no static. im happy with it.

Does the XP510 bluetooth adapter for wireless chat work on the XB1 if you have the chat adapter or do you still have to wire in for chat?

Second, if you have to wire in for chat on either the xp400/xp510 than XP400 vs. XP510 is the only difference DTS surround vs. Dolby Surrond.


It was a mistake in the refurbishing of the product. If you have any problems, you can contact our customer service.

I have the X-42 for xbox 360 and they are really good. I have had them for about a year and a half and they still sound great. Also makes watching Netflix a real treat.