Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

Enough of the Turtle beaches…I am sure you guys have more gaming headsets then these old sets lying around…

My wired headset just crapped out on me and I came to Woot specifically cause there always seems to be some headsets on sale here. I was about to go for one of these headset when I saw your comment. Any particular reason why you say what you say?

I’ve been out of the market for headsets for like 4 years, and even then, I bought some simple Microsoft LifeChat LX 3000 that did the job but now want to upgrade since they crapped out on me and I kinda need to.

Yea, well these arent the best turtle beach’s around by far, and if you are looking for a good headset, I would highly recommend the Sennheiser’s if you have the cash for them (they are slightly above the average user’s budget)
They last a long time depending on use and are very comfortable. I also say that because they I have purchased a pair of PX4’s and they have not worked once since i got them in. plus the ear cups were worn with the one that I have, I still have them in the box WOOT sent them in just collecting dust.

Just do yourself a favor and go with a better headset for gaming or practical use. I suggest the Astro MixAmp with the seinheisser’s pc360 headset…talk about WOW. Then again thats about 400$, BUT that would be the last headset you would buy for a LONG time.

No way! These sets don’t last at all. I am done with Turtle Beach. The X12 only lasted me 4 months of easy use on PC. Purchased right here on Woot.com Oct 1 2014. It recommends outdated optical connections from a sound card for best results. I have used several Turtle Beach models in the past with limited use. High fail rate…

I purchased a set of X12 from a local store about…2 plus years ago. I use them for PC gaming. TF2 and other shooters. I love them. I do not game as much as I used to. I have two kids now and a wife ;). But they sound great to me (not an audiophile) and have survived quite a bit of drops/snatches from the 4 year old. I like them.