Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

Are any of these PC Compatible???

You bet. If you click on each, it will take you to the sale page. The title will note compatibility. You’ll also find more info in the Features/Specs.

Well, let me rephrase my question.

None of the higher end models say anything about PC compatibility other than “System Requirements - Available USB Port”. So does that mean it is PC compatible?

Can the connections of the mic booms be swapped between the ear pieces?

You would think that if someone was going to make a 200 dollar USB set of headphones for PS3 and XBOX360, that it would also work with a PC, but it appears they aren’t PC Compatible which blows my mind.

I bought the Turtle Beach TBS-2255-01 Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset for PC & Xbox 360 at one of the big box stores. Just wanted to chime in and say if you are still gaming on the Xbox with the cheap headset to communicate and using the speakers from your TV, you are way over due to upgrade your system. Treat yourself, or your loved one.

Here is why I like my headset.

-First off, the obvious, sound is crisp and clear and I can hear other people in the game walking around me easily. Also, the surround sound helps know where objects are that are attacking me. Volume is on the wire, so I can make volume adjustments, turn on the mic…or add more base all at my figure tips without getting up.

-The mic is SO CLEAR it takes a bit to get use too just for that reason after using the cheap sets. The volume comes into the speakers, easy to hear you and your teammates talking. No more cutting out in chat or missing the first word of what others are communicating.

-Other benefits…Now that the sound is in the headset it’s SILENT in the room so people aren’t disturbed by the sound of the game if it is loud. You can also play at night or at odd times without disturbing anyone. In addition, if you get a phone call or someone in the room needs to say something its as easy as taking the headset off. No more trying to find the remote, waiting to turn down the volume or yelling over the loud volume.

I didn’t go with wireless because I didn’t want to deal with one more thing to hook up or the 'hold on while it’s syncing…" issues. I have dealt with enough of that syncing with my bluetooth experience and didn’t want to take the chance and deal with it for gaming. Maybe a good option, but the wires I just slip under the rug so its not an issue.

I highly recommend a headset while gaming. This headset works great for me but treat yourself and get a good headset to complement the great gaming experience.

I have the XP500 and definitely recommend them or the PX5. Especially at this price, you wont find a better set. The only differences between the two are the color and the inclusion of the XBOX 360 bluetooth dongle to plug into the controller on the XP500. The dual pairing with your cell phone is a god send as well.

Also, no problems with them being refurb. Both the XP500 and the X41 that I upgraded from are refurbished.

You can use this: http://www.turtlebeach.com/product-detail/cables-parts/pc-chat-adapter-cable/71

with the XP500 (and probably some of the others).

This may be a question that no one is equipped to answer at this point, but here goes:

Will any of these work with both the PS3 and the PS4? I’d like to get one to use with the PS3 we currently have but I don’t want to have to buy a new one when the PS4 comes out.

This will NOT work with Android devices like a Galaxy Tab, right?

It would be nice if Woot stated PC or XBox in the title so we wouldn’t have to click through, read a bunch of stuff to see that they aren’t compatible with one or the other.

A friend has the DX11 and uses them on PC using optical. He says he rarely finds something that the surround sound does not work on them. He is a pretty big audio guy and says they sound very good and are worth it at this price for sure. Also said the mic has a really good length and doesn’t get in the way.

Hope this helps someone out, ordered myself one based off this info.

From what I’ve read, they will be compatible. I’m so glad my TB PX5’s and my Astro A50 should be good to go! BTW, the PX5 set on here is great if you don’t mind using AA batteries. I bought the XP500 as soon as it was released because of the rechargeable battery and promptly took it back because I hated the way it sounded. After exchanging it twice I returned it for good and kept using the PX5’s. They are not the exact same thing as the XP500’s. They changed them up a bit. I dealt with using AA’s until the Astro A50 came out and have been happy ever since. Here’s that PS4 article.

I just got the Call of Duty Foxtrot headset at the beginning of the week from a different deal. I’m not using it for gaming, but instead have the 2.5mm line going to a cordless phone I use for a lot of work conference calls. It works SO MUCH better than the unamplified headsets I’ve used int the past.

Love my xp500 headset, got it on here probably about a year ago, it arrived in like new condition and has been working great. They are a little big though, so if you have a small head, they may not adjust small enough for your liking. They are right on the verge of being too big for my head. The sound is crystal clear, and it is nice being able to have the game sound at the volume you want it and not disturb anyone else. Having the game and chat sound combined in the headset is nice as well. As to the question about the galaxy tab, if you get one of the bluetooth headset models that will pair with a cell phone, then it should work. Here is a post I found.

Turtle beach xp500 pc bluetooth setup

» Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:39 am
my xp500s work fine using bluetooth on my phone/tablet but when i pair it with my pc i get no sound. i know i need to plug in the optical cable thingy but is there anyway i can pair it without that? i know it wont be in 7.1 but that better than nothing

Yeah man! I just received the Turtle Beach TBS-4216-01 Call of Duty: MW3 Ear Force Charlie Headset. I got it within 3 days!

Let me tell you, these things are freaking sweet! I mean Far Cry 3 is like woah!

It looks like the only wireless pc options are the mw3 earforce and the px3. Besides branding, battery and price any reason to ge one over the other or are they basically the same?

The chord on those foxtrots coil up like crazy. And mine broke in two, but that may have been rage educed. Duct tape and a popsicle stick got them back together. But they still work great so no need to buy a new pair.

I cannot recommend AGAINST buying these enough. DO NOT buy Turtle Beach products.

First and foremost, the plastic they use is less resilient than paper. Two “high end” sets of theirs I’ve had both have broken in several places, all because of brittle-as-ice plastic. I’m not rough with them either. In fact, I baby my electronics, so they broke from the gentlest of wear.

Secondly, Turtle Beach’s customer service doesn’t give a flying fudge about you or your happiness. They do not cover refurbished products (which these all are), and will not do anything to ensure you’re happy with their product (they just cite cookie-cutter useless responses the whole way up the chain). They never once even said “sorry” or “apologies for the inconvenience” or anything, not to me, not to my friends. They treat their customers like Walmart treats its employees.

Third, their amplifiers have serious issue with loud noises. The Ear Force Charlie’s amplifier in particular (and other series that use that one) have a well-known issue of making an ear-piercing high-pitch screech until you turn it off and on again any time an explosion happens in a game. Turtle Beach’s answer to this? “Your amp is bad, buy another”, to every. single. complaint.

The only saving grace Turtle Beach has is they’re far more comfortable than most other surround-sound headphones. Beyond that, if you plan on simply using them, expect them to fall apart within weeks, and to be told by Turtle Beach to F Off. Both of mine did, and they gave me (and friends of mine) that very treatment.