Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

Both my sets are holding up great and I’m not the that gentle with them.

It sounds like you might have unknowingly bought the “Turtles Beach” knockoff version. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Turtle Beach headsets from my friends who actually own them.

When I looked at the PX3 it says “The PX3 also works with PC & Mac computers via USB cable”.

The Call of Duty: MW3 Ear Force Bravo does not say anything about a cable. So are these completely wireless with PC then? I’m looking at buying a pair but I want a wireless PC headset.

Boy, you are some kind of lucky, then.

Negative, Ghost Rider, they are indeed genuine Turtle Beach products. One of them was even bought right here off Woot!, so unless Woot! itself is dealing in knock-off products, they are indeed Turtle Beach authentic.

Seems like you are the one with all the luck, the bad luck at least! I really hope I don’t run into those same problems that you did.

I just received mine from FedEx and I agree completely. They are amazing. I already had a pair of Turtle Beaches (the wireless x31s) and I set the DX11s up thinking that the x11 wasn’t going to be that great, but it’s AMAZING. The sound quality is perfect and the bass is very loud (with bass boost CoD audio settings and bass boost from the DX11s themselves) and even if I turn the volume all the way up on everything, it never hurts my ears. Running dead silence on CoD is a must now, though lol 10/10.