Turtle Beach XP400 Gaming Headset

Does it work with Xbox one,thanks happy holidays

Does it work with PS4?

Does it work with a PC?

Link from Turtle Beach website

The turtle Beach XP400 will work with both XBOX 1 and the PS4 if you follow these steps, some items are sold separately. There are very useful Youtube videos as well that can help walk someone through the steps.

Youtube link=

It will also work for PC!!..for chat to work you need a bluetooth dongle though (I got one from Newegg for 7.99)

I don’t understand, why would I need a Bluetooth dongle if PC has built-in Bluetooth?

Not all PC’s have bluetooth.

The newer Xbox One controllers have the integrated 3.5 mm input, whereas the older ones have 2.5 mm inputs (why? I have no idea). I think if you have a controller already with the 3.5 mm input, all you need is a micro USB to plug the controller to the X1 console to download the headphone update, then you should be good to go.

If you have the old 2.5 mm input controllers, you have to buy some sort of 2.5 to 3.5 mm converter adapter for these to work.

Headset and transmitter shut down after 5 minutes of no audio!!! Returning … Totally disappointed son!!! It’s in the user guide, BUT not on Woot website of product description.

it could be worse, yours could have crapped out like mine, just after the warrantee expired. got me again woot.

Mine just died as well. Interestingly, it still charges but the power light doesn’t come on.