Turtle Rage


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

grats on an EC, redcoulter!! cute idea from the motion derby, if I’m correct

Awesome! Thanks, Woot! In for one. =)

This wasn’t a derby design, was it?

EDIT: nevermind!

ok last acceptable turtle.
cause this was an awesome pick.
wtg woot, now do this more often.

Congrats to redcoulter, who has put out many a great design and yet has managed to stay under the derby radar.

A great shirt as well! Although since this one has a rabbit in it, I fear that means my energizing bunnies don’t even have a chance now. :tongue:

FINALLY. in for three, overnight. thanks woot.

From the description:
But as terrible as it is for me, the ones I worry about the most are the children. Back when I used to beat the tortoise, the kids learned a valuable lesson about patience and perseverance.

Um…shouldn’t it be, “when I used to beat the hare”?

Very fun. Not sure I’ll snag it, as I’ve bought quite a few lately, but I won’t deny that I think it’s a good pick. Well done sir.

Rabbits and turtles, what a surprise…357facelift

Yes, I noticed that too. I didn’t want to be the one to point out woot mistakes:)

Oh, I am all about pointing out mistakes. I read three different grammar blogs. Just call me nerd girl.

nice shirt, no red for me though.

How do these shirts fit? I have never bought one. Are they long and pretty much a true size?

Nerd girl.

Pretty cool shirt, congratulations on the print, but not for me… all that nice and generic stuff.

what you think adder and myself are the only ones that can?
please add constructive criticisms regularly so you can be hated too!

longish, slightly smallish, esp. women’s sizes.

L O L pep

Concensus is they run small and long. Are you familiar with American Apparel tees? Also, there’s a link to measurements in the description. :slight_smile: