Tuscan 2-Bottle Wine Tote

Tuscan 2-Bottle Wine Tote
$19.99 $23.00 13% off List Price

Listen up! It’s GIFT WEEK. That means what you might have seen earlier has been replaced with something just as giftable. Maybe MORE giftable. Check back every day this week at Midnight & 12pm CST to see what else we’ve got up our sleeves.

yea, what he said!

Does it come as pictured with 2 bottles of The Crusher??? If so, what a bargain. (I don’t think I’ll get a Ho Ho Ho out of Wine David on that one . . . )

You had an entire year to plan out gift week and this is what you come up with? A couple pieces of fake blue leather sewn together, for $20.

Two woot-offs and no 2nd sale of Toothy II now that Ohio is back…and now this. WD, you better be pulling some of those Delong wine maps out of your back pocket, since we have been asking for those for 2 years now! (or better yet, the Woot Cellars poster(s) you promised me!


i got seriously excited by just the crusher bottles… was about to hit the gold button until i read the headline… :wink:

Yes! Bring back Toothy!
…and some wine maps

I see this wine tote is made by Oenophilia. Their wine racks fill my basement and their wine tags organize my bottles. I need more of both, hint hint.

What he said!

I don’t recall the posters as a promise. I thought he said he would look into it.

Please tell me this means this wine will soon be up on Woot.


“Working on it” is much more of a promise than “looking into it”.

“Tuscan” wine tote. . . from North Carolina.

Tuscan inspired. Tuscan design. Tuscan… no. It is not. This place becomes more of a big lots by the day.

I can’t wait for the 50 dollar wine stave candle votive. You own a wine barrel. You have a drill press with the requisite drill. Welcome to being an artisan. Can I get some bonsai trees. How about a wine bladder. Some whisky stones. Those of us who buy cases of wine surely are in need of a sankey. How about an electronic one. Soiree, or vinturi? Both?

Thanks for throwing the Cavedoni our way. I am now just watching for the olio nuovo. There is still room for some overpriced preserves, beehive cheese, and some more wine openers.

Somebody must buy all these items you detest as they appear year after year. I’m not sure what your point is other than to complain about price. My usual advice is don’t buy it if you don’t want it of think the price is unfair. What WW sells is determined by what sells best.

Well done completely ignoring the Big Lots comparison. You might as well have not responded. I mean, WW is exactly like Big Lots. Except for the fact that WW sells, well, wine 6/7 times a week except for this one week. But, this one week, this place is exactly like Big Lots. Well, except for the balsamic, and the EVOO I’m sure we’ll see soon.

Tuscan wine tote?
We don’t need no steenkin’ wine tote.

What has two thumbs and managed to save a half case of The Crusher from rampant quality sampling this summer?

This Guy

In for three if more shows up!

You’ve both ignored the most egregious statement of all, which is his denial of the Tuscan-inspired nature of the tote!

Additional research has uncovered the fact that these totes are manufactured in a number of different colors. Colors that come “straight from the Tuscan landscape”. Ha!

So, you mean this place is exactly like big lots in I need to walk aisles of crap to hope, perchance, something of value comes up. Wow, that sounds exactly like Big Lots. Don’t worry if Copa Del Rey shows up for the 700th time, this is gift week! Act quickly, it may be gone. Until next woot off. Until the next. Until the next which finally sells off our inventory.

Tuscan bag. Christ. Do you all get that many lab rats that you can’t see a cheap fake leather bag sewn in North Carolina for what it is. They didn’t even call it piedmontese foothils, which you can kind of go with. Nah, this is Tuscan. Just like the next Barolo or Barbaresco is probably cal-ital tuscan. Or some asterisk. This is a shit offering, as has been the course during gift week.