TUT: Titanium Under Ten

There are so many different sizings - which chart does this company use? Buying a ring without having a good idea of the size seems inadvisable.

I emailed customer service to ask about the ring size chart. I’ll let you know what I hear, but I suspect I’ll hear that they don’t know. As you wrote, there are many charts, and I don’t think that the fact that the ring is made in China is a much help. (China-made clothes on eBay are way off US sizes.)

Anyone else thinking goatse when they saw the thumbnail pic of the hands with ring?

I bought the 6 MM Polished Men’s Titanium Ring Wedding Band on Tuesday and it was delivered today.

It’s for my husband so I can’t say if the sizing is accurate yet, but I think it looks a little bit smaller than the one he usually wears.

It’s also super lightweight. For $15 (with shipping), it seems like a good deal.

RE: sizes- here’s a chart our vendor sent us:

Bought one of the two-tone rings last time they were offered. It ceased being two-tone after about two weeks of continuous wear. It’s now mono-tone and very dull. I didn’t expect much for $10 + shipping but, this ring didn’t even meet my already low expectations.

Thanks for the follow up about how it wears. If it’s not going to last even two weeks, it’s not worth the money – and shouldn’t be on Woot if Woot cares about its quality. Maybe you can return it as defective.

I used the ring sizer and it matches my normal ring size

I just received mine and it’s too big, by about 1 full size! I usually wear a 13.5 but this is just too big…
Careful when ordering rings!!!

Wow! The ring sizer I used gave me a different result, one size larger! Can I exchange my ring?

Did you already get your ring? Try it on and see how it works, if it’s way off, email into CS- we should at least be able to take it back (or try to get a replacement out) since we posted the sizing guide probably after you purchased.

Yes, i tried it on and it is too big. I sent an email, Thanks!