A lot of new shirt designers post here wanting to know how to design shirts. Often, though, their questions are too nonspecific to be easily answered well.

I think a partial solution for this might be to create a list of great tutorials, so new folks can pick through the list to learn new skills and ways of doing things.

Please link your favorite tutorials here.

Using textures: http://cxcitybrand.com/how-to-get-a-vintage-distressed-look-on-designs-using-textures/

Quick Halftone Tips: http://www.emptees.com/posts/158138-quick-tips-halftones

Jimiyo’s Halftone Reduction Guide: http://jimiyo.com/halftonereduction.htm

Heavyprints’ Watercolor Tutorial (video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dawHPcwJa0

Jud’s 10 Tips to Winning at T-shirt Design Contest Sites: http://www.shirtfight.com/blog/entry/10_tips_to_winning_t-shirt_design_contest_sites/

Quick Tips: Line work: http://www.emptees.com/resources/1831-quick-tips-line-work

Greg Abbott’s Process Walkthrough: http://www.emptees.com/resources/2191-process-walkthrough

Nils Vogeding’s T-shirt Design Process: http://iamthetrend.com/2010/02/05/a-step-by-step-look-on-how-t-shirts-are-designed/

Any others people should know about?

Thanks for posting those.There’s some great stuff in there.

I have a few tutorials in my youtube channel. I have a few for comic book coloring in various styles as well as one for creating halftones.


Alex Solis has a few amazing tutorials on his site as well. I especially love the one for his Lunch Break shirt.


Great thread. Thanks for sharing.

Ditto! I can’t access a lot of those sites here at the office, but I sure will at home when I get time. I just finished a very basic how-to on Photoshop, and light bulbs went on. Can’t wait to light up the whole brain-pan and finally learn how to produce something reasonably worthy of a vote.

These 3 links are Woot specific,




Credits to : eHalcyon, TGentry and everyone who contributed.

This is a link containing multiple examples and tutorials about color separation in Photoshop and Illustrator. Color separating is still something I’m working through, so these examples were a big help to me. Enjoy!

Color Separation Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

PS: I wish we could ask the staff to ‘sticky’ useful stuff like this thread. I forgot it was here! >_<;; <-feels dum

Agreed, it would be great if we could “flag” certain threads so that we could come back to them later!

Jimiyo posted this fantastic halftone layer trick. Please check it out and if you follow him on FB or Twitter, give him a thanks! Dude is awesome!

Jimiyo’s Halftone Pattern Overlay

I got so many funny IDEAS, i gotta learn to do this so i can submit shirt designs. Do you just make a picture and scan that n send it in? or does it have to be on a shirt?

Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing these resources!