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all of these HDMI cables but no HDMI switch? :frowning:

Referring to the ScreenDeck above-TC shelf…

Can this be mounted in between the TV and a wall mount? Or is it for standing TVs only?

Per the features:
For use with freestanding flat screen TVs only

Note: The flat TV antennas offered here don’t pick up the full VHF spectrum–only channels 7-13. If you have any stations in your area (like channel 6 in Philly) that still broadcast on the old low-band VHF frequency, you’re out of luck.

Most stations moved to UHF when they converted to digital but kept their old channel number (which used to mean something but no longer does). But some stayed where they were.

Check AntennaWeb for your area. If any stations are listed as being on channels RF2 to RF6, these won’t work.

And…there’s no such thing as “digital TV frequencies”, nor “50 miles gain”

Tatts, I’m sorry but you are wrong on many points here. These flat antennas do pickup both VHF and UHF. It’s possible it didn’t pickup VHF where you live but there are many other customers who do pickup VHF channels with no issues. Both the Cable Cutter and Cable Cutter Mini operate on both the UHF and VHF frequencies.

As far as the frequency, it is a digital broadcast as the FCC mandated the change in 2009 from analog to digital for all public broadcasting networks (ABC/NBC/CBS/Fox/PBS/etc.). So over the air digital broadcast signals are the best HD signal you can feed to your television to yield the best possible picture.

Lastly, we have independent tests from Montreal of them picking up channels from 80 miles away. The range is not the same thing as gain. Gain refers to the signal strength specifically. The average range on the Cable Cutter is 50 mile radius.

The Cable Cutter is the best indoor HDTV antenna on the market today:

I would avoid buying HDMI cables from Woot unless they are more honest with their products. I previously purchased 2 orders (on the same day) of the Steren 12-feet HDMI cable (Steren CL-526-612 12ft High-Speed HDMI Video/Audio Cable).

Woot sent me the items but one was packaged in the retail Steren packaging, and the second one was packaged in a ziploc-style bag with a sticker. The fact that I ordered 2 of them brand new, and received two separate packaging, I’d think twice if you’re OK with not receiving new items.

Whether or not the ziploc bag version is a new cable, this is not an excuse to send completely different packaging for the same item. I haven’t opened either one yet, so if you’d like some pics of them, let me know.

happypuppy: Sometimes our deals are bought in bulk and have bulk packaging instead of retail pack. Doesn’t mean they’re not new.

Universal remote is cheaper on Amazon

Do monster cables dream monster dreams?

And sometimes “New” headphones come from the manufacturer with free ear wax or “new” Roombas come with preloaded factory dirt and pet hair (both happened to me from “New” woot products). Perhaps this dates me and perhaps things have changed, but I’ve been around woot for a while and I’ve had my share of “New” items come that were either vigorously “factory tested” or weren’t really new. Personally I think it is a gamble you take with online shopping. Woot support is good about working these issues as mistakes happen. Also sometimes new products DON’T have retail packaging, it is part of the industry. There aren’t exactly a lot of moving parts in a cable so test it and if it works great and if not